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Birth Of The Conspicuous Brand

Birth Of The Conspicuous Brand

Birth Of The Conspicuous Brand

From the original website constructed by Exesios – March 2010

Stuart Walton had always enjoyed gardening and growing cacti and succulent plants from an early age.

When he started signing up for social media sites like Twitter, Flickr and Digg under his online pseudonym Stuart001UK he could never find a photo of himself he liked. He decided to then use a photo of the Golden Barrel cactus which has striking spherical shape instead for all his avatars.

When researching Stuart and his personality, Exesios naturally explored all his existing on-line activities to gain inspiration for branding suggestions.  As they said –

On his personal website Stuart described his use of the Golden Barrel cactus for avatar photos which led us to do some investigation on Wikipedia.

The description in Wikipedia for Echinocactus Grusonii, the Golden Barrel Cactus or Mother In-law’s Cushion is an easy to grow and relatively fast growing plant that can gather in clusters.

Birth Of The Conspicuous Brand - Echinocactus Grusonii

Birth Of The Conspicuous Brand – Echinocactus Grusonii

They are unusual and distinctive plants, which are adapted to extremely arid and/or semi-arid hot environments.

They show a wide range of anatomical and physiological features which conserve water. They have spiky spines so predators don’t hurt them. Seed formation is very prolific, and the fruits are mostly fleshy, pleasant tasting and CONSPICUOUSLY coloured. Goats, birds, ants, mice and bats contribute significantly to the spreading of the seeds. Because of the plants’ high water-retention ability, detached parts of the plant can survive for long periods and are able to grow new roots anywhere on the plant body. They provide food for other organisations, hence creating environments for their seeds to reproduce.

When we had our first branding design review we presented a number of ideas, Stuart was stuck by the the suggestion of the company name being Conspicuous (later Clear Business Management was added) and a stylised Golden Barrel cactus as the logo.

The Golden Barrel cactus as described in Wikipedia for him reflected his mission to help local companies in Staffordshire & the West Midlands on the road to success by providing value-added services that help them develop their true potential whilst fostering a spirit of Enterprise in the community.

After the first review the idea of Conspicuous Clear Business Management and the logo and corporate colours quickly developed to what we see today.

The work done by Exesios in developing the Birth Of The Conspicuous Brand can be seen below:

Our brand guidelines from 2010 still apply and can be found here below:

Conspicuous Brand Guidelines by Stuart Walton


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