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Social Media Reputation Challenge

Social Media is one of the 4 pillars of the Low Cost Marketing strategy we recommend for all new and small companies we meet for coaching, mentoring and general advice.

It helps to amplify your networking activity by letting people you exist potentially across the world; it helps referral marketing through social selling and keeping in touch with existing and potential customers; and can really help provide that social proof that your theoretical reputation for excellence in all your business affairs is real.

Why is building your reputation important then don’t take out word, read our friend Rob Brown’s excellent Book on the subject – How to Build Your Reputation: The Secrets of Becoming the Go to Professional in a Crowded Marketplace

What’s YOUR Reputation? When people talk about you behind your back, what are they saying and thinking? When people need what you offer, how do you get them to think of you first, instead of your competition? The answer lies in your personal reputation. To be the ‘go to’ professional for what you do, you must create, build and sustain the best possible name for yourself. It’s your most powerful weapon in a cluttered marketplace. Whether you’re employed or self-employed, there are rules for building your personal reputation. In this unique book, Rob Brown reveals all the reputation secrets you need to win more business, create more opportunities and attract the wealth, fame and success you deserve.

In order to help grow our reputation and thus our business, we have devised this little social media challenge for you to help us and us to help you – call it a modern day 12 Social Media Labours Of Hercules!

We have uploaded our social media challenge to-do list on Slideshare with a page for each step and the link to the relevant social media URL which you can click on below to review.

The “What’s In It For You” prizes for helping us are as follows:

  1. Complete the first 5 steps for a big shoutout on social media & follow-backs from us to your channels:  total time to do this – 15 minutes tops
  2. Complete the first 11 steps for the big shoutout and our free pdf presentation on overcoming the 9 steps to guaranteed networking failure:  total time to do this – 30 minutes tops
  3. Complete the first 11 steps and send us a video or link to a YouTube testimonial for us for the 1 hour free Skype call from us to help your business grow:  estimated total time to do this – 60 minutes tops


We have reproduced the list of the steps with the links to our social media presence below on each of the major platforms.  Please let us know you have completed any of the steps by leaving  a comment on this page or sending us a message via LinkedIn.  For the videos you can send us a link by email, LinkedIn or a YouTube message or send us the raw email to upload via email.

The 12+ Steps are as follows or CLICK HERE FOR THE SCRIBD PDF:

Step 1- Newsletters
Subscribe to our 2 newsletters 🙂
The Normal One – CLICK HERE
The Special Hints & Tips One – Click HERE

Step 2 – Twitter
Follow us on @conspicuouscbm
Use the #hashtag #brnuk and say something nice about us in a tweet 🙂

Step 3 – LinkedIn
Follow our company page
Follow our specialism page
Like & share our posts and add a nice comment or two 🙂
For an Extra Bonus – Ask us if you can post to our LinkedIn page too 🙂

Step 3.5 – LinkedIn
Connect up with – STUART WALTON
Leave Stuart a recommendation
And give Stuart loads of endorsements as well 🙂

Step 4 – Facebook
Like our company fan page –
Like our posts and add a nice comment or two
Post us a nice 5 star review too 🙂

Step 5 – Google+
Follow us on Google+ –
+1 & Share our posts & Add a nice comment or two
Give us a 5-star review too 🙂

THANK YOU For Completing Step 5
Time For A Shout Out From Us On Social Media

Step 6 – WordPress Blog
Go to the Blog everyday –
Leave nice comments on each post 🙂

Step 7 – Instagram
Follow us on @stuart001uk
Like our photos & tag-us & post nice comments too 🙂

Step 8 – Flickr
Join our group
Favourite & leave comments on the photos
Add your photos to the Group pool 🙂

Step 9 – Slideshare
Follow us on Slideshare/StuartWalton
Favourite & leave comments on the presentations
Share them on all social media channels 🙂

Step 10 – Tumblr
Follow us on Tumblr/ConspicuousCBM
Like and reblog our posts
Feel free to post something suitable too 🙂

Step 11 – Pinterest
Follow us on Pinterest/ConspicuousCBM
Follow our Boards & like and Pin our posts
Post something suitable too on the Boards 🙂

THANK YOU For Completing Step 11
Ask Us For That Presentation & Bonus Material

Step 12 – YouTube
Subscribe to our channel –
Like & share our videos that we post & add a nice comment as well
Give us a video testimonial for our channel 🙂

Step 12+ – Vimeo
Follow us on Vimeo –
Like & share our videos that we post & add a nice comment as well
Give us a video testimonial for our channel 🙂

THANK YOU For Completing Step 13
Time To Book That Free Skype Call – How Can We Help You Grow
Try Your Own Challenge With Your Fans, Friends and Supporters!

The 12+ Steps are as follows or CLICK HERE FOR THE SCRIBD PDF

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