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From Our Instagram Account – 25 August 2016

From Our Instagram Account - 25 August 2016

From Our Instagram Account – 25 August 2016

from Instagram: Please follow us on Instagram at @conspicuouscbm 🙂

Instagram Description

  • Michael from @carthyaccounts delivers the perfect @StaffsBforBUK learning point
  • It takes years to harvest your acorns into mighty oaks through networking.
  • What are you doing to sow your networking acorns #today? 🙂

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  • #staffordshire #stafford #networking #stoke #mentoring #referral #marketing #reputation #building #socialmedia #focus #wordofmouth #leadgeneration #leads #fun #BforB #BRNUK #cannock #business #growth #startups #entrepreneurs #acorns #oaks #learning #farming

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From Instagram: Please follow us on Instagram at @conspicuouscbm 🙂

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