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Announcing “Refer, Refer, Refer” – Your Introduction to Referral Marketing!

Coming soon to a business networking or referral marketing meeting across the Midlands is “Refer, Refer, Refer”, a short but very readable booklet on referral marketing co-authored by Stuart Walton from Conspicuous CBM and Ross Lowe, from Ross Lowe Copywriting!

This book is a free ebook to download on the Conspicuous CBM website as a thank you for subscribing to our newsletter – CLICK HERE.

It is also now available to buy as a hardback book thanks to Print Monster in Cannock, with all proceeds going to one of our favourite local charities – The County Air Ambulance Trust.

What Will I Learn About Referral Marketing?

There following are the key takeaways which You’ll Learn is:

  • It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of feeling that business networking is getting you nowhere. You know the argument. No doubt you’ve heard it elsewhere, and you may even have had it with yourself.
  • If you don’t network, you won’t get the referrals! So stop finding excuses and get out there! It’s never as daunting as you think – and we will show you how to plan ahead for a great, productive meeting that gives you the best chance of bringing in those referrals!
  • There is a dizzying range of networking groups of all shapes, sizes and styles out there. Breakfast groups, lunchtime meets, evening sessions – all held fortnightly, weekly and even monthly.
  • The confidence that you can gain from networking shouldn’t be underestimated in the slightest!  As you mix with new people, you’re getting the opportunity to tell them all about something very important to you and close to your heart: your business.

Meet a new character “Uncle Stewie” who can help you with some great referral marketing tips including his “9 DOs & DONTs For Being Effective At Referral Marketing”.

Who’s Is Reading This Great Book On Referral Marketing

Our Reviews Of "Refer, Refer, Refer" From Our Referral Marketing Students.

Our Reviews Of “Refer, Refer, Refer” From Our Referral Marketing Students.

We have also been on Instagram over the last few weeks, and taken dozens of photos of local businesses reading their copy of “Refer, Refer, Refer” to become referral marketing superstars.  From Young To Old, there is no shortage of eager readers from this who are new to networking to those who have helped run referral marketing groups.

How Do I Get My Copy Of “Refer, Refer, Refer”?

Your Referral Marketing Bible "Refer, Refer, Refer"

Your Referral Marketing Bible “Refer, Refer, Refer”

Thanks to the generosity of Osmond Maguire from WT Designs in Rugeley, a landing page has been created where you can get your personalised copy of “Refer, Refer, Refer” sent to you by post for the price of £4.97 including P&P – all funds going to The County Air Ambulance Trust.

Look out for the Paypal button & CLICK TO DONATE

Your Donating Call To Action

So don’t delay, get your copy today!
Look out for the Paypal button & CLICK TO DONATE
 If you are running your own networking groups like Jaz Greer or Sarah White then talk to us about getting some


If you a running your own networking groups like Jaz Greer or Sarah White then talk to us via LinkedIn about getting some bulk copies of “Refer, Refer, Refer” available to your members in exchange for a donation to The County Air Ambulance Trust.

The Conspicuous CBM Call To Action

If you know of any other great experts from Staffordshire, the WestMidlands or beyond whose ideas we should share with all our readers then please let us know via the comments or via LinkedIn.

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